Here’s How Low Chainlink May Plunge Before Continuing Its Macro Uptrend

Chainlink has been flashing signs of intense weakness throughout the past few days, with the cryptocurrency breaking below the lower boundary of its long-held...

Get private key from 12 Word Mnemonic Phrase (CoinBase Wallet)

Hi, The CoinBase Wallet app had a bug (with fingerprint authentication) and it has managed to lock me out of my...

Crypto intel and trading platform DXone raises €1.14M in private sale

DXone, a crypto intelligence, and trading platform, today has announced that it has successfully raised €1.14M during the private sale portion of its DX1S...

Binance Coin Jumps 17% Rally by Mid-September; Could It Hit $40?

Binance Coin (Symbol: BNBUSD) is the only top tier cryptocurrency that has returned profits to its investors in the first half of September. The seventh-largest...

Ethereum Flag Pattern Risks Plunge Towards $177; Here’s Why

Ethereum is facing risks of undergoing a massive plunge as it partially confirms a bearish flag pattern. The technical setup appears after an asset forms...

I see a few posts like this once a week on Craigslist – what...

I see these ads on Craigslist all the time. Will buy BTC for market value. Will...

Here’s the Key Level Analysts Are Eyeing After Ethereum Surged 25% From Low

Earlier this week, Ethereum plunged as low as $310-315 as legacy markets tumbled, dragging crypto lower. The cryptocurrency has since undergone an extremely strong...

Ethereum Classic Labs joins forces with Storj Labs

Running an Ethereum Classic node requires downloading and syncing an entire copy of the blockchain. One of the most demanding requirements to support a...

Financial Advisory Group: Bitcoin Would Be 40% More Valuable Without Manipulation

There are two sides to every coin and to every argument, and the same goes for Bitcoin. Some argue that without manipulation, the crypto...

60% of BTC owned by .5% of wallets

I looked up the number of Bitcoin wallets on and, after not accounting for wallets with less than .1 BTC (1000...
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