The CoinBase Wallet app had a bug (with fingerprint authentication) and it has managed to lock me out of my funds (BTC) and create a new (CoinBase Wallet) account with a 12 word mnemonic phrase (which is EXACTLY the same as my previous one – don't ask me how it's duplicated but it 100% is. I've been on with their support for 1.5 months and they are terrible).

I've been using the BIP39 convert tool offline (https://github.com/iancoleman/bip39).

I can get the private keys from the 12 word recovery phrase but non of the addresses are the correct one. I have the BTC address with the funds in and I can create a "view only" wallet on Electrum – but no private key to let me send the funds.

The derivation path is m/84'/0'/0'/1/0 (or m/84'/0'/0'/0/0) as I can see they use this for Segwit addresses by extracting the SQLite DB from their app (although this version does not contain my wallet – this new "duplicated" wallet… I also don't have a phone backup from this time).

Could someone please help me retrieve these funds – there will be a small financial incentive if recovered!


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