Hello beautiful traders, this video will teach you another powerful profitable Forex trading strategy that works on all time frames and goes with all currency pairs …


  1. Will give it a go, looks like it works.Suggest 144 as opposed to 200 and 15m ……Also this/ your strategy allows one to go long as well. Hell move your stop to break even with a cherry, but big upside downside potential. Really like the 34 Yard line

  2. 95% of forex Trader's fail-why? Because they give up quick, it takes time and lots of experience to become a profitable trader, An alternative is seek guidance from some pro trader's to avoid loses of funds. like me I got to know about the benefits of cryptocurrency and forex trading since I started trading with @Carlos_1uptrades on instagram. i went from $1,00 to $12,500 within 6days.


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