This is a current strategy that I use to trade the forex markets. This is a proven strategy that is guaranteed to be profitable in the long run if you apply the methods …


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  5. Its interesting bro. The 1 hour is going to reflect longer time frame trends. If used properly this can result in precision entries off the 5. Problem…the 5 is just noise and so you have got to have lots of room for temporary losses. This looks like a great scalping strategy. in and out for a quick 10 to 20 pips. and the advantage here is that you are in and out of the market fast so fire up the PC… be gone with 10 plus pips in an hour or less. sooooooo if i have just 1 lot and i win 10 pips….. i made $100 …. that's a day's pay for a lot of folks. I kind of like it. I personally trade longer and ride stuff for most of the day or multiple days shooting for 100 pip plus wins over the period. But……. you could hang out at your PC and pick off 100 in a day if you wanted to doing this. Just put the work in.

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  7. Great stuff, but what really is the value in the M5 chart? The H1 chart on the top seems to have everything you need with less whipsaw and less stress? An upper D1/ lower H1 combo might be even better and more reliable setups.

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  9. WOW! Great video ! you are really doing a great job! keep up the good work! its really good to help others in this business.

    Let me share this with new/old traders and i hope it will help you guys…

    The more you be selective in your trades, this is where you will see results

    The best setup doesn't mean you must over risk…

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    Forex trading & wave analysis

  10. during the London/New york session, you have a lot of back and forth and pullbacks as it ramps up to it's final direction. This is due to london traders closing their positions at the end of the london session, new york traders with high amounts of money having to open positions against the trend so they can open with liquidity (by the time the new york session opens, the london is already in progress and a big move may have already established). This creates trend zig zag reversals between the london session and the new york session.

  11. – Forex trading seems to be really difficult, i have studied and made good analysis on the market, i've also used trading bots and yet i still make loses, it's really frustrating but i'm gonna keep my head up on it cos i see alot of people winning from the forex market.

  12. Do any of you know how to start Forex as a teenager (16-17)? Most of the time, they ask for my social security if I'm trying to purchase bitcoin, so I'm trying to avoid that. Do I just make a demo account, teach myself, find a broker and go on from there? Or….?

  13. Throughout the past several months, Bitcoin has been caught in a stable but intense series of sideways trading that has made it increasingly unclear as to which direction it may trend next, This has caused many investors to grow fearful about the market’s future. Although this sideways trading could be pointing to a major movement, If this is the case, then the cryptocurrency’s break above or below its macro range could be a major that persists for the rest of 2020. Overnight, however buyers were able to put a firm end to this trend, sending the cryptocurrency’s price rocketing up towards $9,500, one positive factor to consider in the near-term is that this latest breakout allowed Bitcoin to rally past the upper boundary of it hold descending triangle that it was previously caught within, and this should be a sign on the sideways trade coming to an end. Its a general truth that trading is way profitable than holding and waiting for a bullish move, and everyone needs a guide and I have a guide as well in the person of Allen Albert. I can say he is my coach on bitcoin and my live self trading history is an evident of his signals and strategies authenticity. He can be reached on tallegram (alberttrade) and whatssap (+44 738 035 6836) . Learning is a continous process and it never ends.


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